All age, social and other categorized groups of population are confroted more or less daily by all contemporary problems of the society, especially by:
– social stratification and economic inequality;
– alcoholism and drug addiction;
– unhealthy living habits (nourishment, exercise, relaxation…);
– intergenerational conflicts;
– bad work habits;
– social responsibility (humanitarianism, helping others, relationship to society and state, the protection of the natural environment, social justice, etc. ).

With our programs on the noninvasive way we contribute:
– to reduce the sense of social and economic inequalities that strengthen personal and social self-confidence;
– to avoid from alcohol and narcotic drugs with an active way of life and to cooperate with nature;
– to implant healthier life habits;
– to cooperate with all age generations
– to aware of necessary personal development through diligence, consistency and hard work;
– to increase social responsibility of all social groups,
– to preserve and to popularise of the old autochthonous fruit species in Slovenia;
– to increase the awareness of the importance of our language and literature,
– to make people aware how to preserve nature and along with it also the apple trees
– to educate and pass on the knowledge to younger generations;
– to encourage the social responsibility towards the preservation of autochthonous vegetation ( so for the people as for the country )
– to spend more time outdoor, healthier way of life, less illness, which must also be a social responsibility,
– to educate the young generation through outdoor PE and cultural days, to take lessons in practical learning points for all generations,
– to do presentations of aspects of the project through the media and other forms of communication (magazine, book)

By this project we intend to achieve:
– at least 50 fruit trees will be left for future generation;
– a more permanent option for the education in fruit farming and for the social responsibility to nature and fruits presented to organised groups of visitors in orchards as for hikers, skiers, lovers of the natural and cultural heritage on the other side,
– project will be supported by the media, including the national broadcasting; each year around 25,000 people take part on one day in this event »Levstikova pot« which ends with a closing ceremony
– presentation of the main aspects of this project in magazines and books of the »Levstikova pot« already during the first two years of the project and later it will be the basis for the upgrade, as well as logging and marking of other plant species along the route,
– project allows more permanent forms and possibilities of future results; this project does not run only on the day of the hike but it is directly linked with the future as the trees grow and give fruits which the orchard owners will donate for charity at schools and kindergartens in the area; in this way the social consciousness and mutual assistance will increase; a significant contribution to a better sense of society and humanity is expected.

»Levstikova pot« has been and it will be also in the future a synonym for Slovene language. This was also the basis for the beginning of this significant cultural-historical route in 1987. Therefore, the main theme of this area is preserving the diversity and richness of Slovene language; the development of social awareness for the importance of national language in relation to recreation, protection and conservation of natural biodiversity of this area.