37rd international hike by the Levstikova pot

Date of the event: Saturday, November 11, 2023

Start and registration: between 6 am and 9 am in Litija at Valvazorjev trg ( Valvasor Square in the old town center or at the Cultural Center in Smartno pri Litiji (approx. 1.5 km from Litija). Registration is required! Registration is possible all day long, also after closing the starting points, as well as in Čatež before getting on the bus back to the starting point.

Contribution for individual participants is 10.00 Eur and it includes »Levstik Trail Diary«, bidon and a bottle of natural mineral water.

Return bus tickets can be purchased only with registration at the starting point or at the end in Čatež. The total amount is 15.00 Eur (includes the registration fee and the return bus transfer).

Registration for the groups: the members of an organized mountain association or any other company travelling together is cosidered as a group. Groups are registered at least two days before the event.

Traffic: traffic will be severely hindered in Litija at Trg Svobode, Valvasorjev trg, Jerebova ulica and Levstikova ulica from 5 am and 10 am. Part of Valvasor trg and part of Levstikova ulica will be closed for traffic. Buses will be allowed to enter the part of Valvasorjeva ulica in Jerebova ulica by the prior agreement with the organiser.

Between 5am and 10am, the Litijska cesta in Smartno pri Litiji will be closed for traffic, while on other roads in the area of Litija and Smartno pri Litiji traffic will be obstructed. The buses will be allowed to drive through Litija along the Šmarska cesta and in Šmartno along the Litijska cesta. There will be no car parking at the end of “Levstik Trail” in Čatež.

The route of the trail: Litija (starting point and registration ) – Smartno pri Litiji (registration) – Slatna – Jelsa – Liberga – Preska…
North route:… – Grmade – Gobnik – Moravče – finish at Čatez (22 km).
South route:… Jezni Vrh – Vinji Vrh – Poljane – Gradišče pri Primskovem – Sevno – Zagrič – Razbore – finish at Čatež (22 km).

You will receive the first mark already upon registration at the start, the second mark then at the info desk at the finish in Čatež.  Editing administrative matters (editing logs) and giving the certificates and badges is also located at the info point in Čatež.

In the second part of hiking, you will be given alternatives for two different routes to Čatež. In Preska above Kostrevnica, you will decide by your choice along which route you will continue. Both routes will end at Čatež. You will be taken back to Litija  (through Šmartno pri Litiji ) by special coaches.

Along the way you will be served by friendly locals at almost 20 points.

Prizes: Each participant receives a diary-log to confirm his/her participation at »Levstikova pot«, along with a small welcome present If you already have your diary-log, bring it with you to onfirm your participation this year. Jubilees also receive awards and badges at the finish.

Razhodnja, the central event at the finish in Čatež will start at 1pm on the village square in Čatež, organized by the Čatež Tourist Association.

The finish point in Čatež is open until 4 pm at Čatež.

How to return from Čatež: there will be bus service to the train station in Litija and further to Šentlovrenc after 11 am. Bus transportation is provided exclusively for registered »Levstikova pot« participants. You can also register at the finish in Čatež before boarding the return bus.

General Conditions: you walk at your own risk along the trail and on public roads. You are obliged to walk along the appropriate traffic areas for pedestrians; if not provided, you walk on the right side of the road in the direction of walking. At  the reduced visibility, appropriate reflective bodies must be visible. It is not allowed to run along the trail because the event is not a competition. Health service will be provided for the registered hikers. Registration is mandatory; in case you do not already have one from previous years you will receive a new special diary-log of the »Levstik Trail«. The organizer ensures the safety of participants who will register for the »Levstikova pot«.

By attending the event, all participants agree that they may be subject to photography or filming for public and private use.

It is strictly forbidden to use a drone during the event!

Information by e-mail to info@levstik.si or to the address: Zavod Levstikova pot, Sevno 44, 1276 Primskovo.


About the Project “Levstikov sadovnjak”